What is the purpose of having your own Real Estate Agent if you are buying a New Construction Home? Should you have a REALTOR® with you before you go? YES! I have worked with several New Builders and can be a great asset to helping you through this unfamiliar process.

First of all, a Real Estate Agent costs you nothing! Some Builders pay a Broker co-op fee at close of escrow to your Real Estate Agent/Broker. If you do not have an Agent with you, you are going in BLIND and are at a huge disadvantage in knowing what questions to ask, understanding contracts and negotiating. If you would like me to help represent you, you must do so BEFORE walking into the Model Homes for the first time. I must register you on the FIRST VISIT! No exceptions. Builders have a very strict rule about this. I can search the new homes in the areas of your preference and price range before we go. I am happy to meet you there. Most new builders require the agent to make an appt. so they can dedicate time to answering all our questions when we arrive. Also, if you are considering using the Builder’s Lender? Again, ASK THE RIGHT QUESTIONS! They may offer a close of escrow credit incentive or some other type of upgrade incentive but you might be paying a higher rate, loan fee, etc. to get those perks. Get a 2nd Loan Opinion from a reputable, local Lender. I work with some GREAT Lenders who have proven themselves successful and will openly disclose everything! Check out these homes and let me know which ones you would like to see.

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